Pee(ing) in the Shower

Sometimes trying to be sustainable isn’t easy, other times it is, that is why I pee in the shower everyday. So why would I go and urinate in one of the cleanest places in the house? Its simple, for me its all about conserving water.


Answering natures call in whilst lathered up doesn’t just leave you with a clean conscious and scrubbed body. Taking a whizz whilst in the shower can save you time and effort cleaning the toilet, and reduce the amount of water used for flushing in turn reducing a costly water bill.


Although taking a pee in that shower will save some water, it isn’t a silver bullet for our water conservation needs. After all, water is still being used and ends up going down the drain. That said, the amount of water used will be much less than an average flush (if you pee for approx 21 seconds), so there will be a saving by taking a tinkle in the shower.


It may seem trivial reducing the amount of water by missing a flush or two seems a day, but little changes in our water use go some way to reducing the overall water consumption in our lifestyles. Its important to save water, as excessive water consumption can have negative effects on the environment as water is not a limitless resource.


So the next time you’re bursting to go for a number 1 in the shower, just go. There is no shame, nobody has to find out (unless you brag about it). More importantly, peeing in the shower is a small step towards a more sustainable modern life.

Resources Peeing in the shower.

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