A modern lifestyle made sustainable.


GOOD SIMPLE IMPACT is an outlet for sustainable lifestyle information and guidance, aimed at inspiring sustainable lifestyle changes, creating positive outcomes for individuals, the environment and society, whilst contributing to the wider sustainable development effort.


We will achieve our mission by following these 4 steps:

  1. Producing awesome and original online video and blog content about sustainable lifestyles.
  2. Inspiring individuals and communities to transform their everyday lives.
  3. Creating a network of sustainable lifestyle practitioners, facilitated and connected by social media platforms.
  4. Engaging with a wide range of the online community, especially those starting their sustainable lifestyle journey.



Dom is a sustainable lifestyle advocate, content creator and the driving force behind GOOD SIMPLE IMPACT. He has worked in the sustainability sector since 2010, and developed a passion for communicating all things sustainability. Dom has a MSc in Sustainable Environmental Management, in the process becoming a specialist in innovative  communication methods that create change and promote low carbon lifestyles.

In addition to his commitment to sustainability, Dom is also a big fan of physical activity, good homemade food, and black coffee that assaults the senses. Follow him on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.