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It is GOOD SIMPLE IMPACT’s responsibility to let y’all know that when browsing you may come across review content, paid URLs or advertising. In exchange, GOOD SIMPLE IMPACT receives payment in for these endorsements.


GOOD SIMPLE IMPACT won’t post any old junk that doesn’t stay true to our mission. Therefore, within our control, we will only work with individuals, organisations and institutions that uphold our core values. To make it easier for everyone, any activity that promotes such products or services will be made clear within the content.


Although GOOD SIMPLE IMPACT accepts contributions, we will only provide a our own truthful and critical opinion about what we post.


GOOD SIMPLE IMPACT uses affiliate links to help our users live a sustainable modern lifestyle. We do gain a modest commission if a purchase is made using these links. If you click an affiliate link, you will only find goods provide a way of living a modern sustainable lifestyle, and awesome stuff that we use everyday. Affiliate links are easy to spot on GOOD SIMPLE IMPACT as they are bookended between two forward slashes, for example: // link to affiliate in here //.


The above has outlined the disclosure for GOOD SIMPLE IMPACT, however if you  If you think any of the content on our site contrary to anything stated then please call me out on it and get in contact.


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